Paint the Portal & Connect With Your Dragon Ally

Dragons are deeply connected to the Primal Life Force of the Earth, and as such, to the Primal Life Force within each of us. This is going to be a very special and different class for teaching you to connect with a Dragon Ally, and one I’m looking forward to with excitement. The painting addition to this class is going to enhance your personal connection to your Dragon Ally and it’s going to make the Dragons feel very happy indeed to “come alive” through your expression. The Dragons see this as a way of bringing them into our physicality, a type of portal between their realm and ours, that is very personal.

The first part of this class teaches you about working with Dragons and how to connect with one as a personal Ally, a relationship of mutual respect. If you need courage to face something in your life or are going through a major change or shift, then Dragons can be wonderful allies on your journey.

You will be lead through a process of connecting to a Dragon Ally. During these sessions, I am speaking in Sacred Languages of the Self to call in and speak with Dragons. Part of this workshop will also have you accessing tones and sounds to speak with them at a non-cognitive and primal level while going through this connection ceremony. It is a possibility that at this time your own Sacred Languages may activate.

My co-facilitator, Jessie Chandran, will be teaching you how to work with acrylic paints on canvas and about painting abstractly what you “see” during your ceremony. This expression of what you sense at all levels will come alive onto your canvas as Jessie teaches you to let go of inhibitions related to the outcome. Your painting is a portal.

As you paint, you may receive further communication from your Dragon Ally as they “speak” to you about what you are painting of your relationship with them. What you paint can help you to further connect with your Dragon Ally and act as a conduit/portal to them, whenever you wish.

For anyone who wishes to reconnect, or feels they have lost their connection to their Dragon Ally, this will help you to access them again and bring your love of them to life by painting this portal to them.

Each participant with will be supplied with an A4 canvas to paint on which they will take home. For the class, materials include brushes & sponges, palettes, acrylic paints, aprons, and various other tools to create texture.

No previous art experience is required.

About me (Regina) and my relationship with the Dragons:
I have worked intuitively with Dragons, connecting people to them in special events and private sessions. I call on them during healing sessions to assist in shifting stagnant energies that are deeply lodged, helping people to reach into themselves to bring forth their innate capabilities and gifts, to stand in their own power and truth. The Dragons are deeply connected to the Primal Life Force of the Earth. They are with me at all times, protecting me when I am too weak when ill, by guarding my energetic borders. They are wise, kind and ancient, helping me to discover new things about myself and them. The group of Dragons that I work with closely are my Friends and I love them.

About My Co-Facilitator, Jessie Chandran:
Jessie is a full time artist and art instructor and has studied Psychology, Counselling and Visual Arts. She started painting from a very young age, and loves how art gives us the space to freely express ourselves in so many ways. She has experienced the powerful healing and therapeutic benefits of this type of expression and is interested in art therapy as a form of healing. She is an intuitive painter, and believes that art is a journey where the focus should be on the creative process rather than on the outcome. She does this by helping students of all ages to allow their inner child to play and overcome barriers such as fear, to embrace and love the self, and to just let go.

  • Max # participants: 12
  • Costs include materials needed to create your A4 Portal during the class, and the canvas to take home.
  • Please arrive 5-10 mins early. Doors will close at 2:35pm
Sat Mar 25, 2017
2:30 PM - 6:30 PM SGT
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Songs of the Sacred Self, 36 Haji Lane, Level 3
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